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This is a simple and easy auction.  The highest bid wins. Ties go to the earliest bidder.   If you see an item you want to bid for, send email (subject auction) include: A) The code that identifies the item you want to bid for and B) your best final offer. 

Winners will be notified by email.

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Code: Windjammer Wads 
(Minimum bid is $49.95)

Delivered to your door, one case of 5,000 Windjammer 12 ga. 1 1/8th oz wads. In addition to your bid price this item requires shipping and handling charges of $10.00 which will be added to your bid and delivered anywhere in the continental U.S.
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SOLD – highest bid was $1001
Code: Spolar Gold Premier 
(Minimum bid is $975)

The Spolar Gold Premier is the finest reloader in the world. This unit is pre-owned, completely factory reconditioned and upgraded with full warranty. It comes set-up and factory tested to load 12 gauge with the proper powder and shot bushings to provide your pre-determined favorite load. Because of special packing to protect the reloader during shipping, charges of $70 will be added to your bid price. 
Check it out at

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Code: DWs  BT-100
(Minimum bid is $1,495)

This BT-100 is new-in-the-box never fired, blued, 34″ barrels with choke tubes.
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Code: PMs  Beretta 682 Sporting 
(Minimum bid is $2,295)

New-in-the-box, 30″ barrels, choke tubes with case. 
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Code: Ds  Silver Seitz #296
(Minimum bid is $12,795)

New, 34″ full #2 1/2 mid rib, standard wood, pull.
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Code: PMs  Benelli
(Minimum bid is $995)

New Super Black Eagle Synthetic 12 ga, 28″, 5 Choke Tubes, 3 1/2 chamber.
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Code: Exceptional Colt collection: 
(Minimum bid = $27,500)
(for sale only as an entire lot of 8 guns and 1 holster, estimated value: $35 – $50,000)

First Generation SAA S/N 1322XX

This piece is the crown of the collection. A letter from Colt dated March 14, 1963 confirms delivery of this piece to the U.S. Army on April 24, 1890 in a shipment of 100. It bears the U.S. stamp and the government inspector’s initials RAC (Rinaldo A. Carr). The 45 cal. piece carries all matching serial numbers and a 7 ½ in. barrel. The metal to metal and metal to wood fits are finer than the newer models. The original blue is about 85% with some minor holster wear on the muzzle, ejector housing and frame. The original heat treat is about 75%. The action is stiff and crisp. The bore is excellent for a piece this age with isolated, almost undetectable surface dullness. This piece was purchased from the estate of Colonel Albert N. McClure, who is believed to be the original recipient of the weapon from the Army. Papers obtained from the National Archives confirm Colonel McClure’s graduation from West Point Academy on Feb. 15, 1899 as a Second Lieutenant in The 14th Infantry and transferred to The 5th Cavalry on June 15, 1900. Additional documentation from West Point, also furnished with the piece, shows Albert N. McClure’s promotion to captain on march 30, 1906. He subsequently served in China and the Philippines. He was awarded two Silver Stars “ for gallantry in action against Boxer Forces at Yang-tsun, china, Aug. 6 and Aug. 15, 1900”. He was promoted to Colonel on July 30, 1918. His original leather holster and Field manual, both in excellent condition, are included with the revolver. National Archives forms ready for submittal for additional information on Colonel McClure also come with the piece. This piece would make any serious collector proud and the envy of his fellow collectors.

Second Generation SAA S/N 168XXSA

This actually is my favorite piece. While it doesn’t have the enormous collector’s value of the first generation piece, it is a near-mint, early second generation model in 45 cal. with a 7 ½ in. barrel and very impressive stag grip that says, “I’m a Colt peacemaker, don’t mess with me.” The entire piece: bore, blue, heat treat and action are as new…a real beauty.

Second Generation SAA S/N 621XXSA – Nickel

This second generation nickel piece is in 45 cal. with a 7-½ in. barrel. It too is in as new condition. It is very difficult to tell if this piece has ever been other than factory fired.

Second Generation New Frontier S/N 138XXNF – Engraved

This truly outstanding second generation, highly collectable piece is Class D engraved with a rare 4 ¾ in. barrel in 45 cal. with original Colt ivory grips. It is very difficult to do this piece justice in a single photograph.

Third Generation SAA S/N 891XXSA – Engraved

This handsome Class C engraved piece in 45 cal. with a 7-½ in. barrel comes new in its original Colt presentation case. The photograph of this piece doesn’t do it justice.

Third Generation SAA S/N SA398XX – Sheriff’s Model

This Sheriff’s Model is new in 44-40 cal. and with original Colt ivory grips. Its barrel length is 3 in..

Third Generation SAA S/N SA420XX – Sheriff’s Model

This Sheriff’s Model is also new but comes with two cylinders, one chambered in 44 Special and one in 44-40 cal.. It has a 3 in. barrel and comes with its original Colt presentation case as well as its original box.

NRA Commemorative SSA S/N NRA5XX

This piece comes in the wooden Colt commemorative display case (no key). It is in 45 cal. with a 7 ½ in. barrel. This piece has been turned and obviously factory fired. The NRA commemorative was intended to portray the Colt 45 Peacemaker in its most rugged appearance. For that reason the piece was furnished by Colt in brownish patina finish. The display case has a bronze NRA medallion imbedded in a Plexiglas centerpiece and a similar but smaller medallion imbedded in the grips.

Bidding for the lot to start at $27,500 (US).  Shipping charges to be paid by buyer. Buyer or buyer’s representative may pick up collection at seller’s home with a minimum of one week’s notice to seller following seller’s validation of buyer’s certified check or money order. In the case of a cash purchase, pick-up arrangements can be made between buyer and seller by phone when bidding process has been concluded.