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Mission: is the on-line magazine promoting family-sporting fun with a gun… Trapshooting, Skeet Shooting, Sporting Clays, and Hunting. It is a publication devoted to the shooting sports, by shooters dedicated to furthering knowledge and the positive enhancement of the shooting sports. launched with homerun hits!

Target audience = Active Sport Shooters!

Introductory Advertising packages are available at rates, effective but cheap, which will extend through the length of your initial contract, determined by you. For example the initial contract can be 3 months to as long as you want, at the intro rates. Thereafter, renewals will be billed quarterly at the then prevailing rates.

Display ads are full-page color or black & white (your choice) with pictures and copy with a link to your site, if available. X12 rate@ only $60 net per month.

Classified ads are all copy (words) from 1 – 50 words. X12 rate@ only $12 net per month ($18 with a link to your site).

Banner ads are the same low rate as classifieds.

Auction: Placement of your product(s) in the auction cost 5% of the sale price only if the item(s) sell.

Prize Promotion featuring your product(s) (prices upon request)

There are no closing dates; your ad will begin as soon as materials and payment arrive. No, there are no other hidden costs like bleed or color.

ü     Step 1) Send your ad materials: via email (subject ad info) or US mail.

ü     Step 2) Send payment: $amount X initial number of months (check payable to via US mail.

If you are interested in posting a product or company “review,” contact our review board: (subject: review) or via US mail. 21297 Endsley Ave. Cleveland, Ohio 44116.

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Also available is our Creative Services Department offering TurnKey Web Services including:

Domain Name Search
Domain Name registration (your
Site Design and Development
Site Publishing
Site Promotion
Editing / Changes
Site Maintenance and care

Media Kit:, is visited by shooting enthusiasts who are there to take action!  And, we offer unique advertising opportunities to reach these visitors when they are in a “ready to buy” mood.

Because is an interactive medium where sportsmen are energetically buying, it is “the right place” at “the right time” to “the right audience” for sporting goods advertisers… yes, an extremely effective formula to reach ready buyers, at low costs.

If you don’t have advertising prepared, we can develop it with you.

Available advertising options:
Classifieds, Banners, Logos, Display pages, and Packages including items in our auction(s).

For rates and available space email:

A new exciting advertising medium rarely comes along which effectively targets a known specific audience. Our mission is to embody such scope and reach. Only a few things in life are so revolutionary that they change your entire way of life, for example, the creation of the printing press, the invention of the automobile, the first airplane flight, and the creation of television and radio. Now, the birth of the Internet is changing the way people communicate, customers buy, and businesses sell.

And yes, this eventuality directly effects you because:

1st, It establishes your instant national presence.
2nd, There is 24 hour presentation of your products and services.
3rd, Costs of doing business are reduced.
4th, Online ordering means immediate sales.


This web site, right now, has access to over 100 million users and is expected to expand more than 3 times with in 2 years. While sales over the internet are exploding, experts project growth from $millions last year to $billions next year. While not all internet users are sportspersons, a great many sportspersons are internet users. And, like most, they are turning towards the internet to make purchasing decisions.


The average internet user is 33 years old. 70% are male. Female usage is rising. Over 53% have completed college. Income triples the U.S. average, $60,000 Vs $21,000. This is an excellent customer base for an advertiser to target.
(source-IBM Infomarket, InterNec, GVU, and Internet World)

Competitive Shooter Profiles:

100% purchase guns
100% purchase shotgun shells
97% purchase gun cleaning products
95% hold credit cards
93% purchase shooting glasses
93% purchase hearing protection
92% shoot trap
92% purchase shooting clothing
92% purchase reloading equipment and components
90% are homeowners
85% purchase factory ammunition
75% own hunting dog
69% shoot sporting clays
64% own two or more vehicles
55% own a utility sports vehicle
48% shoot skeet
41% will purchase wildlife art in next 12 months
Average income $65,000

Editorial Calendar:

We have a continually evolving theme, presenting various items of interest which sportspersons want to buy.

Closing dates:

There are no traditional closing dates. You begin whenever you are ready.

4 color premium:

There are no premium charges for color.

Other Web services:

Full services to work with or create “” Also, if you don’t have advertising prepared, we can develop it with you.

For rates and available space email:

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